Architectural Visualization

An accurate architectural visualization can help you to resolve design issues, sell the concept to a city planning commission, zoning board, investor or client by showing them exactly what they need to see before it's built. We create high quality architectural renderings for interiors and exteriors that can help you or your client see the design. c|mark studio can create visuals to:

- communicate design direction to your clients

- present to municipal planning meetings

- attract interest from investors

- use for marketing and public relations

Point of Purchase Display Visualization

Point of Purchase displays can be fantastic in execution and design or poorly constructed failures.  c|mark studio can help visualize your concepts (permanent, semi-perm, or temporary) in order to create the best and most impactful displays possible.  Use our visuals to: 

- create virtual plan-o-grams to help the client understand the product lay-out 

- create stunning visualizations of your display concepts 

- get design approval from manufacturers or agencies 

- present you designs in the best possible way

Product Visualization 

A new product is already at a disadvantage with customers.  Start off on the right foot with visuals that convey your product in the best light and the right mood.  Whether you are looking for concept exploration with your client or marketing materials to show off your new product, we can help you create them.  Use our visuals to: 

- Drum up investor support 

- Market and advertise your product 

- Test label or package design 

- Communicate design intent with the client